What Are The Press Releases, How To Write a Press Release?

How To Write a Press Release? Everyone has ever heard of press releases[1] and almost certainly, you have also read some of these releases in digital or paper newspapers. But, perhaps, you have seen it without even realizing that it was an id.

This is a strategy that companies, businesses or anyone seeking to disclose information that may be relevant or of interest at a massive level have been using for a long time. But, before continuing with this article, let’s start at the beginning, that is, by defining the topic that we will talk about in this post.

What Is A Press Release?

A press release is a written text by means of which a message of journalistic interest is sent to the workers of different media, with the aim that they disseminate this news in their newspapers, magazines, blogs, radio stations , TV shows, etc.

Although today, with the arrival of the Internet mainly, we could say that the use and importance of these press releases or press releases has evolved a great deal and has taken on a much more strategic character than it had before.

Today they not only focus on being a mere press release focused on increasing the reach of a specific news item, but they can also be used as an active part in the techniques and strategies of any Digital Marketing plan[2] .

But what does this topic have to do with Digital Marketing? It is here, in the answer to this question, where that of evolution and the most strategic character that I mentioned before comes into play.

Currently, digital press releases can be a technique that enhances both our Communication and Branding strategies (through their massive reach) and SEO and Web traffic strategies (thanks to the links that are usually included in these releases).

To answer this question more deeply, there is nothing better than resorting to a very practical and concrete example. And it is that, very recently, we designed a strategy of this type in order to promote one of my Online Congresses .

It is evident, and perhaps it is not necessary for me to remind you, that one of the most important factors when organizing a free (or paid) event is its dissemination or promotion .

This is so because to get quality speakers and offer their talks totally free, you need sponsors. And sponsors demand visibility for their brands, as no one would want to sponsor an event where there were not enough attendees.

For this reason, as I said earlier, this was one of the means I used to promote this Online Congress.

But be careful, not only for the great visibility it provides thanks to its massive reach and for its enormous value of “disclosure” (a term that, as we will see, is one of the keys to this post), but also for the benefits it brings to the other digital strategies of my projects.

Why? Very simple! Because, as I already remarked at the beginning of the article, a press release is an ideal tool for our Communication, Branding[3], positioning, Web traffic strategies [4]… is that not enough?

It is precisely for this set of qualities, so today I will talk to you about how to get broadcast in digital newspapers (taking my event as an example) and how these press releases can be a plus for all your Online Marketing strategies.

But this will not be all, since in this text I will show you some of the keys to keep in mind so that your appearance in digital media is as productive and profitable as possible.

Want to know what form I used in my media strategy? Let’s see it!

How To Make Press Releases That Give You Much More Strategic Results?

How to make press releases that give you much more strategic results?

As entrepreneurs, in any online business or project, we always need to make all of our Marketing actions as powerful and profitable as possible.

The topic that brings us together here today is no exception to that rule.

So now discover how and why press releases will help you in your web positioning and branding strategy.

Therefore, in this part of the guide I am going to explain the most important steps to design a dissemination strategy in newspapers and digital magazines that can help you achieve more global benefits for all the other Marketing techniques of your projects.

1. Strategic approach to media and dissemination

In addition to the web traffic that this newspaper or magazine has, when defining an appropriate strategy to appear in digital media, four basic factors must be addressed:

  1. Country and language.
  2. Authority and credibility of the medium.
  3. Section of the web where they will publish the news.
  4. Publication date.

To make your project known to interested people, the first thing you have to decide is which countries to focus on.

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In the case of my congress, I consulted in Analytics the most significant countries in terms of the traffic received on my blog and, taking into account these data, I focused on them when choosing where to promote the event.

Those chosen as the main ones, by the way, were:

  • Spain
  • Argentina
  • Mexico
  • Colombia

Another strategic and basic point to define is the language .

In what language will the presentations be given? To which countries will the content be directed?

In my case, the choice of language (as an elementary guideline of the press release) was Spanish, since my target audience and audience is mostly Spanish-speaking, so there would be no point in campaigning in other languages.

It is equally important, secondly, to pay attention to the trust and credibility that the digital media we choose provide the reader, that is, the authority that said newspaper or magazine has on the Internet.

Based on this variable, people looking for information about an event in their country (in addition to the official website) usually find it in their trusted newspaper, and this custom does not change overnight.

In the same way, it is not worth us to publish our communication in any section of your website , this should be an easily visible place (that you do not have to click to find it) and that is related thematically to our information.

Finally, a good strategy includes organizing within a specific time frame . And for this, the ideal is to plan those press releases on a publication calendar.

Important: you should bear in mind that it is much better to appear little by little in different media, than to publish all the content almost at once (thus not only do you get more visibility, but you also temporarily extend the impact of it).

The case of #Monetiza was not an exception in this regard. Posting had to be done spacedly, as expectation needed to be created.

To do this, we divide the publications and divide them into two fortnights:

  • The first focused more on Latin America
  • The second in Spain

2. Selection of the most powerful media (traffic and Web authority)

Once the four previous points have been defined, the next strategic step in selecting the most appropriate media to disseminate our press release is to detect which are the most authoritative and visible on the Internet.

To choose the right media, pay attention to SEO metrics , giving special importance to these 4 metrics. They are:

► Domain Rating: It is an Ahrefs metric that gives a range from 0 to 100 according to the SEO quality of a website.

► Domain Authority: from Moz, which values ​​from 0 to 100 the SEO quality of a complete domain.

► Citation Flow: a metric obtained from Majestic, scores from 0 to 100 the number of links a website has.

► Trust Flow: also from Majestic, values ​​from 0 to 100 the quality of the links that a website has.

On the other hand, at the time of selection you must also analyze the amount of keywords and the organic traffic that these media possess, data that you can easily obtain thanks to tools such as SEMrush or Ahrefs.

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Remember that we will include a link in those communications and they are the ones that will help us in the SEO strategy of our projects. After all, this is also a great opportunity to get more quality backlinks .

But, in the case of the example that we have been developing (capturing registrations for an event), the most important feature within this section, and which we have already discussed above, is the visibility that each medium can contribute to our information.

And to attract more participants and achieve a good search engine positioning at the same time, it is essential to publish on websites with good authority and organic traffic that help us to appear in the first results.

Just as some newspapers really make the difference, many others do not even grant a minimum diffusion, something that – naturally – does not help much to increase the traffic of your landing or to improve the SEO of your website.

Hence the importance of a good choice!

In my case, from Publisuites (the platform I chose to carry out my strategy) they helped me not only to choose the means in which my note could be published on the cover, but also the most active ones on social networks.

Following these parameters, I chose 15 from more than 300 digital press media that includes the database of this platform.

In this box you will see some of the filters that you have on this platform, so that you can also choose the ones that suit you best.

Filters available to Publisuites

If you need specialized media and blogs to spread your press releases, the friends of Publisuites have a gift for you, and you will find it at the end of the post.

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